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Welcome to the Smurfed Site.
Welcome to da family.

Raid and other addon link's on the Resources page.

Here's some helpful info on getting around the site.

The resources tab has a link section to some helpful site.  Also there is a very handy section on the same page
where you can post items you need crafted.  That way guildies can check what people need and help them out.

The roster tab is handy as the char. links take you directly to the wow armory site.

  The Library tab has some handy guides and info links.  Let me know what else you would like to see and not see there so i can add or remove it.

  The bank tab is empty for now.  It will have GB info in it eventually.

That all for now enjoy and hope I can keep it going with what everyone wants.

Errolyn, aka. Papa Smurf

Guild rules.    
Guild Rules

1. First and foremost have fun. Don't let yourself get to uptight or bent out of shape, remember its just a game.

2. Respect your fellow family members. Don't yell, manhandle, torment or abuse them as they are people too and have feeling just like everyone else.

3. Respect your officers and leaders. They are the ones working in sight and behind the scenes to make the family fun and trouble free.

4. Vent and the web-site is a privilege not a right so the leaders and officers can revoke that privilege if they are abused.

5. Like above guild bank access is also a privilege not a right and as such can be revoked at any time abuse is suspected.

6. If you sign up for something please make sure you are going to be available for the event and for the duration. ie. raids 2 - 3 hours. instance runs 1 hour. all other events min 1 hour. If it is found you continually sign up for events and are a no show then you will just be not counted as signed up even when you do. We understand that emergencies do arise and sometimes you just can't make it.

7. We are a guild and count our members as a family on here, therefor we expect our members to be loyal to the family. Instances of disloyalty will be treated harshly by Guido the Axe. Or we could just kick ya out.

8. These rules are here to help keep it fun not so we can be thought of as cruel taskmasters. As such we expect you to follow them and help others in the family uphold them. If a member is found to be breaking them the actions taken by the leaders and officers can range from simple demotion to removal from the Guild.

9. We can decide to add more rules to this list at any time. If we do we will notify the members and expect them to catch up on anything new and follow it.
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New guild website.

Errolyn, Jun 26, 11 1:13 AM.
Hey Hey Just getting this thing started up.  I have some ideas I want to add and code but I am open to all suggestions.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Errolyn, Jun 25, 11 9:30 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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